AGM report on 2010/11

AGM report on 2010/11

AGM report on 2010/11 Strathpeffer


Although there is a Chairman’s Report there appear to be no Minutes of the AGM in 2010.

During the last year the SCC met eleven times and dealt with a wide range of affairs.

One of these was arranging for an SCC website (, on which all Minutes and Agendas are available. The SCC is very grateful to Rob Elliott for setting this up, and maintaining it on our behalf. The website also provides details of members, our area, our constitution, planning applications, consultation documents and new possible funding resources. It is an invaluable resource in terms of providing timely information.

The SCC is attempting to communicate electronically, but hard copy of documents is available at the Community Centre.

There was much routine, but the following deserve special mention:

• In January the SCC set time aside to try and formulate some strategy. This project was led by Alastair Lawton and produced the following themes (amongst others) for development:

o Provision for our young people
o Clean and tidy village
o Improved signage and interpretation
o Improved marketing and promotion
o Awareness of our Conservation Area

• Consultation with the Forestry Commission over the Ord Wood. This project was led by Bruce Taylor. Ord Wood will be clear felled during 2011 and replanted as an amenity wood. The SCC will be looking at provision of a path infrastructure and hopefully some community involvement.

• The SCC were approached by the Strathpeffer Spa Railway Association for their support in bringing a steam engine back to the village. The SSC actively encourage this development.

• Attempts, albeit very late in the day, for Strathpeffer to receive community benefit from windfarms in the area. If the SCC are to have any hope of achieving developments for the village they must have some funding, beyond the annual grant of £1,000 from the Highland Council (THC).

• THC have provided a new framework, constitution, standing orders, code of conduct and formats for annual accounts for CC’s, all of which must be (and will be at this meeting) adopted. The consequence will be fresh elections in November (if membership of the SCC is contested), and the voting membership of the SCC will be reduced from 14 to 9. The quorum required will drop to 4. Concerns have been expressed, but the SCC did not reply to consultation last year.

• The Village Signs at the top and bottom of the village are installed! This project has been led by Steve Macdonald, and we owe him our thanks for bringing it to completion after many years.

On the routine front there have been fresh complaints regarding anti social behaviour in the Square by young people. The SCC see this as ‘our’ problem, not just that of the police, and are seeking common sense dialogue and long term provision for a youth club of some sort. The Community Centre already do great work in this area, but funding is an issue.

We all also ought to give our thanks to the Garden group, led by Karen Evans, who do so much to make our village attractive and welcoming. And I would not want to forget the SCC office bearers, Steve Macdonald (Vice Chairman) and Alistair Lawton (Treasurer) but perhaps especially mentioning Alison Munro who puts in a lot of hours as Secretary at no charge.

Finally, on the routine front, I would like to raise the on going difficulties the SCC and members of the community have had this year in getting answers from THC. Simple matters relating to planters and water features become sagas, and some members of our community have had significantly different advice from different departments on the same subject.

Finally, there are many unsung volunteers who make our community work. We know who they are, and no doubt we all know different ones. For a start we have here the SCC and members of the THC, and I would like to thank you all on behalf of the community. Which isn’t to say that we aren’t very grateful as well for the help of Robbie Bain, our paid (!) ward manager; we are!

Last of all, there has been a noticeable increase in members of the public at our meetings. On behalf of the SCC can I say how much we welcome your interest and involvement; we hope that other members of our community can be persuaded to come along too.

6 June 2011

Contact: Kit Bowen

Address: c/o Secretary, Strathpeffer Community Council


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