Victorian Day 2012

Victorian Day 2012

Victorian Day 2012 Strathpeffer


You are invited to take part in the Strathpeffer Victorian Market Day in June 2012.

We need teams of people to help behind the scenes to plan and organise the event.

1. Market stalls – Send out invitations, book stalls, meet and greet stall holders etc.

2. Music – Help source and book entertainers, work out programme, meet and greet musicians.

3. School field/Community Centre – Help source and book activities, help run booked activities etc.

4. Historic Photographs – Help find venue and assist with set up and pack down.

5. Treasured vehicles – Contact owners and book cars, identify venue, meet and greet owners on the day, judge best vehicle.

6. The Old Station – Assist with activities at the station.

7. Model Railway Exhibition – Help out on the day.

8. Publicity – Revise Victorian Day 2011 for printing, contact local press/websites and organise notices, design, print and distribute posters, school bag drop etc.

9. Transport – book buses and drivers, liaise with drivers about route and organise signage etc.

10. Parking – Identify parking areas, get permission to use areas, find volunteer wardens to supervise areas and organise signage etc.

11. Signage – Make up or source signs/posters/banners as required and organise display/distribution.

12. Road closure – Contact Highland Council with details, remind shopkeepers/householders about closure, collect cones from Dingwall Police, put out cones/road closure signs before market begins and clear away at end of day.

13. Bins – Organise bins with Highland Council

14. First Aid – book St Andrews or Red Cross, identify base for them, meet and greet etc.

15. Fund raising – Organise and run fund raising side shows, eg Coco-nut shy, Fishing for ducks, Lucky Dip, Shove halfpenny, Tombola, Raffle etc. Keep publicity and signage group informed.

16. Prizes – Investigate possibility of donations from local businesses/individuals

We also have vacancies on the Committee.

Contact us on ku.oc.liamtoh|reffephtartsnairotciv#ku.oc.liamtoh|reffephtartsnairotciv to offer whatever time and help you can manage to ensure that there is a Victorian Market Day in Strathpeffer in 2012

Contact: Val Moffatt



Email: ku.oc.liamtoh|reffephtartsnairotciv#ku.oc.liamtoh|reffephtartsnairotciv


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Victorian Day 2012 Strathpeffer

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